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I have been shooting mechanical Broadheads for prolbably 8 to 10 years now. I started shooting Wasp Jackhammer's and had good luck with them on does but on bigger size bucks I didnt get the penatration I wanted. I switched to the Rage 2-Blade 3 years ago and I think I will be sticking with the Rage now. I have been very impressed the the Rage. I have shot about 10 does with them and all have went down within 50 yards, but those 10 does were also hit pretty good Double Lung or Heart). The real test was a few weeks ago I shot a Buck that was about 230 Pounds. The Rage blew threw the front 2 shoulders and man - o - man did it put a hole in both sides. I have been pretty lucky with all of the shots I hve been putting down on these deer, but I have had absolutely No Complaints with the Rage. One thing I Could see is they might be a prolblem stalking through thick brush. But pretty much all the hunting I do is out of a tree....
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