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Default Wild's Outfitter's about to heat up!!

Without further ado it's that time again where I turn my efforts from the hunter to the guide! I will hunt also but my main goal is to get Ben and Rob a shot these next 2 days(Friday,Saturday). The weather looks like it's going to be real crappy but I will try my best to put some brown down!
Not to sure if we will be able to top last years 1st annual hunt at Wild's but we are gonna try! However some lessons were learned last year as far as tracking and hunting the next day and they will not happen again! All the action last year was on the 1st evening with shots fired before everyone was on stand!!
I have 3 nanny tags Rob has 2 and Ben has 1 and also 2 landowner tags along with all of us having buck tags. The goal is to top 3 from last year we will see if this weather blows out friday evening like its looking like then Saturday could be real good!!
Well guys bring it on it's time for DEER,BEER, FRIENDS, MEMORIES,and yes Ben FOOD FOOD FOOD and of course nothing but a good time!! In case you did not know Ben could eat the butt out of a pig on a full stomach!!LOL
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