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Originally Posted by JakeInMa View Post
I have about 5 stands hung in the area that I've been hunting for the past 16 years. The area has produced quite a few deer for me, but no real monsters. I have a self imposed 3 day rule in which I hunt a stand for 3 days and evenings before rotating to another stand. Would you consider this over hunting a stand or is this a good rule of thumb?



Could be that there are very few large bucks in your area. The ones you have taken thus far could be exceptional for the area you are hunting.

Do you hunt the same stand 3 straight days and 3 straight evenings? If so, you may be overhunting your stands, IMO. That would be a lot of going and coming to one stand(assuming you are not staying put all day). Unless I hunt a stand all day, I very seldom hunt the same stand morning and evening or day to day.
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