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Originally Posted by M.Magis View Post
Might as well plant some autumn olive and multiflora rose while you’re at it. With so many “good” plants out there, why on earth would someone purposely plant Japanese honeysuckle? Despite what people claim, it’s not that attractive to deer. Sure, they’ll eat it, but it’s pretty low on the list around here.
Because it is a recommended plant in the south, and SW, VA is in the south.

No doubt it's as many people hate Jap honeysuckle as love it. The state Government of VA hates it, but yet turns a blind eye to the fact that this state has lost 521,000 acres of farmland between 2002-2007. Since 1992 over 615,000 acres of forest land has been lost all mainly due to development, paved over forever. But lets rail and whine over Japanese Honeysuckle? Give me a break! This is the height of IGNORANCE!!!!

Here's some info on Japanese Honeysuckle in the south.

Originally Posted by mossberghunter93 View Post
DO NOT PLANT HONEYSUCKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am overun with it takes over the woods and chokes the life out of everything better to not have it than to have it. I guess I apparently live about 7 miles from its origin.
Really?? I'm pretty sure it's "origin" is Japan, hence it's name.

I'm also fairly certain it was introduced to North America in NY first. Maybe you're talking about another variety?
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