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Default Bowhunting

This might be a can of worms,but I must know..So how many people does not bowhunt?? and how many of those that don't bow hunt,not bowhunt because you think a bow is just something that wounds deer and far to many run off and die and are not found???

I just gave bowhunting up.I started last year,and killed 1 deer with it,barely! Then this year,I have lost 2 deer in 1 week time..The first one was a bad shot,i'll admit that,but the 2nd one,was a perfect broadside shot at 23 yds..After this second one,i have decided that bowhunting is just not for me.I believe too many deer are shot and wounded and not found than many bowhunters will admit.. And it was not my equpment or shooting,I have $600 invested in my bowhunting gear and I can cut vanes at 40yds with my broadheads..I can honestly say that I could kill deer more consistantly with a 22lr than I could,or anyone else could with a Bow and arrow..Why not have a 22lr season??

Anyone else feel the same way I do about bowhunting?

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