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A Huckleupdate:

First day in S. Dakota went well. I had a small 5 point at 15 yards (pass) and then a doe at 25 (was on the ground w/ longbow in hand). The doe busted me as I repositioned my feet for a shot. The next morning I had a brute cruise past my ground blind at first light. He never came within shooting range (77 yards was the closest). Thirty minutes later I had a big doe walking towards me. I could not accurately range her (my range finder inadvertently got switch over to rain mode). I guessed 40 and took a shot-missed low. She ran to the top of a hill 60 yards out. I doe bleated her (using the "can") and she walk back down to me. On the second shot I heard that TWACK sound. The arrow looked good! the doe ran to the top of the hill again. I started to glass her;she stood there for thirty minutes. I coul not find blod on her anywhere-I had a good look at both sides. Then, a spike came over the hill and was moving towards me. I thought what the heck, I turned the can over and started bleating. The buck walked right to me. I ranged him at 23 (at this pint I discovered the error in my finder). The doe followed the buck down the hill and stopped facing me at 28 yards-no shot situation. I waited for her to turn. I was byside myself. Who ever gets a third shot at the same whitetail? Could I be so lucky-nope. The buck busted me and took the doe with him. The two stopped about 60 yards away. I continue to glass the doe looking for blood-none. After they left I found my second arrow. The arrow shaft was covered with blood. It also had meat and belly hair attached. Two of the three fletchings had blood. I concluded a low brisket non vital hit. I spent an hour looking to no avail. It was a thoughtful seven hour drive back home.

I sat my Colorado Zebra stand tonight and endured rain mixed with snow. I saw a hoot owl, a hawk, and about 20 wood ducks making use of a warm water slough-definitely on their way south. The good news, I'm starting to see deer trails through the tall grass. There's hope! Maybe Colorado does have white-tailed deer after all! Guess my time will tell. It's back up to South Dakota tomorrow. I got a feeling deer will be hitting the dirt this weekend!

GO Surpass!
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