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Hey guys, hope all is going well. Had a great hunt this morning that just about ended right. I had gotten out pretty early today, about 5:20 am. Was set up and ready to go, enjoying the almost full moon and kept hearing tree limbs rustle, sort of like when squirrels jump from tree to tree. I finally noticed a black blob headed my direction. Lucky for me, the black spot had nice visible antlers...even in the moonlight. I'm guessing he was the 140-ish I saw a few weeks ago. As the sun came up, this guy was headed right at me. 60 yards, 55 yards, 50 yards...I was ready to blast him. My nerves were under control, I was already posing for pics in my mind. All he had to do was turn. Right, left...who cares. 40 yards, just give me a shot, right? He instantly threw his head up and looked at the treeline. And his big brother stepped out. I kid you not, this was a 170 plus. I nearly freaked out. He ran straight at the buck I was gladly going to shoot. Prodded him in the rear with his rack and then they locked up like Mt. Sheep. They only went at it for 10-15 seconds and big boy chased him directly away. There went my photo shoot! But what a great day. Had a flight of probably 20 Wood Ducks go over as well as 50 Geese. About quitting time I had 2 small spikes walk underneath me, and that was that. I'm supposed to be going camping with my family at KY Lake this whole next week. Not sure how I'm going to be satisfied with a campfire and fishing knowing that this stud is hanging around. Hope ya'll kill something soon.
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