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Originally Posted by Bigtimer View Post
Another gimp here. I broke my back on 2002 and have suffered from chronic pain ever since. The pain has increased tremedously over the last six months but I try to stay avtive. I was just approved for a spinal cord stimulator this past week and am praying that this will be the break that I have been looking for. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, just about anything that I am able to these days. I look forward to hearing from some of you with ideas on how you adapt.
That sucks about your back. I didn't break mine but I have a lot of other problems. I have surgery set for November second. They're going to fuse five vertebrae, I'm getting plates bolted to the front of my spine and rods down the back. They're going to start at L3 and go down to S2, S1 and S2 aren't fused like a normal person so my body grew a rudimentary disk between the two. It ruptured and it's pressing on my spinal cord. No hunting for me this year.
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