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No opening day success but I did manage to get scared to death. I was sitting there all nice and quiet and a turkey gobbled real loud. I thought it was on top of my head it was so loud. I finally located him after his third gobble roosting in a tree about 50 yards away. He was a pretty good sized bird. He was lucky he flew the opposite way when he decided to take off. It was also opening day for bow turkey also. After that I just sat there waiting for something to happen but nothing.

I decided after awhile I would walk out and then try to figure out where I wanted to hunt this weekend. On my way out I busted 2 more turkey off of the roost.

I got by where my truck was and looked past the woods and saw a nice buck about 150 yards away. He saw me to and took off towards the back corner of a bean field with a doe following him. I saw him bed down with her about 300 plus yards away out in the bean field. I decided I would try to sneak up on them to see if I could get a shot.

I started walking towards the corner of the field and I saw another doe and buck about 200 yards away from me but they were walking where I could cut them off about half way to where the first 2 deer had went to. I decided to walk a few rows into a corn field that was next to the bean field they were in and I got to about 20 yards from where I thought they might end up near the corn field edge.

Well when I got there and waited about 15 minutes the darn wind decided to switch directions and blow to the East where the 2 deer were at. At this time all I could see was the doe. The buck was still down the hill from where the doe was standing. We both just stood there for 30 minutes with neither of us moving. Finally the doe moved and I thought she was walking away because she had scented me. We were about 70 yards from each other. I decided to go ahead and try to walk up on the first 2 deer I had seen.

Of the 2 sets of deer i had here the first buck that had bedded down was bigger but the doe was smaller than the other doe was.

I had moved about 10 yards and I looked over and the doe didn't go away from me it was still coming to me. So I got back in the cornfield and went back to where I was to maybe get a shot at her because she was the bigger doe of the 2 so I decided to either take the first buck or the second doe. After I got set back up for her we watched each other again for about 10 minutes then she decided to leave the area for sure this time. The wind was still blowing towards them so I'm sure she figured it out.

I debated for awhile then decide to just back out from trying to get to the bigger buck and not take a chance so I could take my climber back to that corner of the bean field and hunt over it this weekend.

All in all I didn't get anything but it sure was fun trying. I chalk this up as a good morning.
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