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Well, this evening was good and bad both. Since I had been seeing two nice shooters on my camera almost everyday I decided I was not going to shoot a doe. First 2 fawns came in. Then I heard something behind me. I turned and seen a pretty big deer with a rack but couldn't quite make it out. It came closer and it looked to be a 2.5 year old 6 point. I was definitely letting him walk. This buck hung out for almost an hour chasing these fawns away from the corn. Then I heard something else coming in from behind me. I slowly turned and seen a group of 5 does coming in. Once again I said to myself I wasn't shooting a doe. There was still one hour of light left and I wanted to wait and see if those bucks would show up. Then the bad came. One of the does was the biggest doe I have ever seen in my life. She gave me several shot opportunities and I finally decided I would shoot her. Well, about that time a deer to my left bolts through the woods and down past my stand. Now that I was just getting ready to shoot her all these deer are now on high alert and they looked over where she came from and seen a person walking on the edge of the field. It was another hunter going back to his truck. Why would he be going back to his truck at primetime? I don't know. Needless to say they bolted and were gone befroe I could get a shot off, and that is the end of today's story. Until I hunt again, good luck to the rest of the team!!!!!
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