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Originally Posted by mfd1027 View Post
OK, I sent PM's to our two no-shows (Hoyt Viper and INBOWMAN). Hoyt Viper was not found in the register. I know he was a member because he was on my Turkey Contest team. I'll go ahead and post something in the no-show thread to give Rob/Pa a headsup.

Man, I feel like a real DA. Sorry about sending you a PM Outdoorsman. I went looking all over the forums looking for you because I just knew that I had just seen you post somewhere. It was rt. in this thread. I found it when I went to post this message.

I think we need a Capt. or two or three. Any volunteers?

I hope we can keep up the communication. So far for names we have:
string em up

I sent PM a few weeks ago....maybe I did something wrong, but I hope i didnt lose my spot!

**update** I got a bit confused because I am also on team 17 for the gun season as well. I think I got my PM's out of whack, but I hope Im still allowed on this team 17, my season starts the 4th and already cant sleep thinking about my setups and awesome plots this year! Sorry for the delay guys, I hope it didnt mess you guys up. Looks like a strong team!

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