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absolutely! it will get us all pumped up! and thats awesome. where in WI were you? i was hunting in Jeaunau county. It was a blast... and yeas, we are seeing ANOTHER huge acorn crop on our land. We pulled the cameras and 90% of the pics were does.. kinda upsetting i suppose, but i suppose look at it on the bright side- the horny boys are lookin for women and we've got the whole darn herd! lol. in about 2 weeks, the Buck activity will defianetly be pickin up. the farmer down the road will be cuttin his corn field. and we have 2 acres of corn that we dont cut. so we have the food and the women. hah. Now, im already lookin to gettin ready for next year, LOL. and I was wondering, we have 3 foodplots in the woods. right now, they are all in Rape and turnips. next year though, Im lookin to put them all in different stuff- so things are maturing over different times.. we are going to be planting half corn, half soybeans and sunflowers out in the field. so thats out of the question. and we are also going to clover our atv trails.. so thats out to.. one will be in rape again so what do you all suggest for the other two?
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