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Our club is using 14 of the Sweeney spin cast feeders. We feed year round and the oldest have been in operation for approx. 10 years. have never burnt out a motor. Do have to replace the programable controller and solar panel-estimate on average every 3 or 4 years. We feed 50% high protein pellets and 50% corn mixed from Feb thru Aug. and Sep thru Jan feed straight corn. We are not using the water shield product and have had very little problem. Occasionaly will have some hang up due to bridging of the pellets at the opening to the spincaster. We are located in SW Ar. and have relatively high humidity and 40 plus in. of rain on average. Have rarely had any mold or mildew problems. We do build a fine sand(river sand) mound under the feeders, very similar to a pitchers mound and try to keep the throw of the feeders adusted to keep feed on the sand and away from as much moisture and puddling as we can. The sand compacts naturally and usually requires additional sand and reshaping once a year. We feed approx 300 lbs. thru each feeder per month. The Sweeney feeder is a little pricey but well worth the money in my opinion and very dependable.
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