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You have to ask yourself, are you intentionally disrespecting that property owner or breaking the law? If neither, if in a state where you can go get it unless they ask you to leave, do it. Get in and out asap. There's no need to ask the landowner (if the law says you don't have to). You're not disrespecting he or she if you do no damage to your land and are recovering your deer legally. If someone entered my land to retrieve a deer in this situation without asking (and in Minnesota they can until I tell them to leave), I would have no problem with it so long as they got in and got out. If they hunted on it without asking, that's a whole different story because that is blatantly disrespectful and fits the legal definition of trespassing here.

So many people who own land, like trespassers, go to extremes with their viewpoints on property rights. This is my land dangit! I own it! It's mine! It's mine! It's mine! It's all mine and stay off it unless I grant permission from thou holiness!!! They walk around beating their chest and putting up signs that say Trespassers Shot on Sight, Survivors Shot Again. Fortunately, myself and my neighboring landowners respect one another and don't need to get so worked up. And when we have trespassers, we calmly and tactfully deal with them and they leave (with the assistance of law enforcement if necessary). It is your land, but it doesn't mean you have to go off the deep end in your pursuit to protect it. Someone trying to recover a deer isn't out to get you, especially if they're doing it legally.

Now, the real question is, did you get the deer or not?!?!?!?!?
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