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Originally Posted by fingerz42 View Post
Thast a hell of a buck.. Cant tell if he is a 9 point or 10 point, but he grosses 150+
*edit.. Looks to be a 9 point, but I'd still say hes right around 150"

As others have said he is DEFINITELY over 2.5.. that belly says alot about him.. He's atleast 3.5... Honestly, My guess would be 4.5..
Thats what I was thinking. On the second pic, if you look in the back, there is a 7 point facing the camera. We KNOW he is a 3.5 year old from trail cam pics last year (he has a bum ankle which stands out in pics). If you compare his body to this deer there is a significant difference. Deer dont get bellys like that down here until they are mature (4.5 +)
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