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Default Opening day success!!

The day had finally come, opening day of bow season in MO. As I am walking to my stand tonight it starts raining and let me tell you it poured. About 3 different times I almost got down and called it quits but I kept thinking if the rain would stop the deer might get on their feet. After about an hour of steady rain it finally quit. About 7 PM I heard a deer blow and knew it was close but I also knew it didn't smell me b/c the wind was hitting me in the face. About 3 minutes later a wide 6 pt that I have cuddeback pics of strolled within 4 steps of my tree and behind him was a 9 pt that I had already decided I would shoot if I got the oppurtunity. I had to let him walk past my tree, stand up, and turn around to get a shot. I stopped him at 18 yards quartering away. The arrow with the muzzy broadhead was right on the money. He only went about 70 yards. What a way to start the season.
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