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I was in last years and made friends with one of my team members, we meet up and shoot sometimes (josh/oh) hoping we will meet up for a hunt or two this season, Ive got a few good spots, but the bucks are really sketchy, they are around and vanish for weeks at a time. here are a few pics,, I held out last year for a certain two bucks, and let some really nice bucks walk, im not doing that again this year, 140 or better and its down! I have some property in pike county, and have several other nice tracts to hunt.can not wait till the opener!! joe where are you in ohio? I live in columbus ,
I am from Canton, I hunt Stark and Wayne counties. Yea I know Josh...good guy. I met up with him at my club at a 3d shoot. But I dont think he knows me under this screen name. We caught up on another site.

Dang that reminds me, I need to find something out for him.
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