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Post help a disable man an his son find a place 2 hunt in vanceboro nc

i had 500lbs of steel droped on my right leg 5 yrs ago it left me wth server nerve damage it had 2 be taken off last thanksgiven i use 2 hunt an fish alot b4 i got hurt its been a long rd i never thought of going hunting an fishing again due 2 the pain an the wheelchair im in i moved 2 vanceboro nc a yr ago ive made a few friends around here an some r hunters so ive got the fever again just some prom i can hunt off of my 4 wheeler r hunt out my truck but i have no land 2 do it ive asked around bought a few hunting clubs but eather they r way 2 much r its 2 late 2 join if there is any 1 out there that could give me some info on a club that well let me in this yr an let me still hunt then plezzz let me no im looking 4 a place where i can hunt deer an squrel i also havw a 13 yr son who wants me 2 take him an teach him 2 hunt but if i cant find land then i have 2 let him down an that would b worst then loseing my leg that is 1 job im supposed 2 do is teach him he has adhd so its been rough i think if i could get him out in the woods an teach him 2 hunt that would teach him some self control an help him learn better i dont like 2 ask 4 anything but if some1 has some info that would help us out i would b 4 ever in your dept it could also b in craven county i cant hunt eveyday just on my better days i will also b making deer burger an bear burger an deer jerky for 5.00 per bag donation 2 help pay 4 membership into a club if i cant find anything else thanks 4 your help
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