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Thanks for all the help,
I actually found it in a file that I forgot I had.
The recipe is a little diff but it's pretty much the same.
Ghost Juice Scent Control Formula

Two 16 Ounce Bottles of hydrogen peroxide
32 oz of distilled water
cup baking soda
1 oz Scent-Away laundry detergent

  • First poor hydrogen peroxide in bottle or some large open container. Then add the distilled water. Then you add the baking soda and the unscented liquid soap.
    Use a wood spoon and stir the ingredients together.
  • Add very small amounts ofbaking soda at a time stirring until it is completely dissolved.
  • Let this ferment for three days stirring one or two times a day.
Then put the solution into a gallon jug and put a balloon over the top, the balloon will begin to expand. When the balloon starts deflating, you know its ready
After the three days, store the scent killer in dark containers like the peroxide containers or non- see through spray bottles.
Light will break down hydrogen peroxide leaving it ineffective.

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