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Yes to a well placed shot!

Ask your self this...

If the deer could step away as you squeeze the trigger and you hit a shoulder or gut would you still feel comfortable with a .243?

How about if it's 10 degrees, your cold and shivering in low light conditions, in other words not at a shooting range, could you still perform flawlessly?

I have a small story about my hunt to TX. in 2007... The guided who owns and operates the hunt I went on (28 years running), plain and simply put it this way. Almost 1/3 of his clients use .243 to hunt with and 90% of the wounded deer are by the same 1/3 of the .243 users! Coincidence?

90 or 100 grain bullets don't do as much damage as a 130 or 140 grain bullet would do, period, and I'm betting most of us are not trained snipers. Maybe damn good marksman, but don't forget your not shooting at a target anymore. These deer move at the most inopportune time. I'd rather bump up a little, as to plan for a mishap, instead of maiming an animal!

I did say that a "well placed" HIGH percentage shot will yield a dead deer with almost any caliber, yes, even a .22, but I wouldn't use one...

Would you use a .270 for Moose or Bear? I think if I had a choice I would bump up to a .30-06 or something like that...

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