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Default More deer or ????

Here in central Iowa I've been seeing more deer than I have ever seen in the summer before (many times over normal). On another thread a couple of posts said the same thing about Pennsylvania.

It has been a very pleasant summer here, quite a bit cooler than normal. I think that there has been a similar cool summer clear on east through Pennsylvania.

My question- Do you think that the cooler summer is the reason more deer are out in the open during the day and not a population increase?

In a normal year I suspect that the deer would stay in the shade of the woods and not move much to stay cooler in the daytime. In a year like this they are comfortable during the day, just like we are, and have no reason to wait and feed in the cool of the night.

What say you? How about you folks from the parts of the country that are having a hotter than normal summer; are you seeing fewer deer because of the heat you are having?

I would like to know if there is a correlation between seen deer and the temperatures that an area is having.
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