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Default Official Team Camo-Cazis Thread (33)

Official Team 33

32 pinsapex7
alt Surgeman
287 njbuck22
61 bigdees27
171 jc395
319 solocamcan
135 Sideways
313 SDarcher
36 Western MA Hunter
127 Snook384

Hey fellas, hope all is well with all of you. Hopefully everyone will check in soon and we will have an active team. Im looking forward to getting to know you all over the course of the season and with alittle luck, maybe we will be able to put some nice bone on the ground. How bout everyone introduces themselves, where there from and what their hunting plans are for the season.

To start, im Rob, and i live in NJ. Our season starts Sept 12th, so its right around the corner. I have been seeing some decent bucks running around so im excited. A shooter here is somewhere in the 100" range, no giant but a good buck for our area. As far as other hunts, ill be hunting Wyoming the last week of september for my first mule deer hunt. Its my first time hunting out west and i am really pumped for this hunt. I will also be heading out to my buddy's place in Kansas again in November and December who has a ton of monster whitetail running around. Ill also head down to Maryland to hunt a buddy's farm, so i have alot of hunting this fall. Man i cant wait.

Once again, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the course of the season. Hopefully everyone checks in soon and we can start coming up with a team name.

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