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First things first.....WOW, what a buck!!!

INVHO, the only way you are going to get on this guy is by catching him returning to his bedding area, or while chasing does during the rut. Deer don't get this big and old by being stupid.

Your pictures were taken at 4am, so let's assume he is on his way back to his bedding area. Got any ideas where that might be? If not, take the few clues you have and start thinking about where this guy is going to bed at.

If you know, or at least have a good feeling, see if there is a spot where you can slip in very close (pay close attention to your wind, he won't stand for much intrusion into his bedroom) with your trail cam to confirm. If you are able to pin point where he is bedding at, you might be able to get on this guy early in the season returning to his bed. Be very careful with playing with his bedding area. It will not take too many mistakes before this guy packs up and leaves and then you are going to have zero chance at him.

Other than that, find your does bedding areas and does preferred feeding areas and setup during the rut in pinch points and travel routes between the two. You might get lucky and catch this guy seeking.

Good luck and I really hope to see a nice harvest picture of this guy.
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