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Article in Deer and Deer Hunting Mag
by Dr. Phillip Bishop

A long Post!!!!!!

The Article starts out like this:

A man i'll call Jake planned to hunt the first day of archery deer season. At 34 years old, he had started deer hunting as soon as he was old enough to carry a gun. Because of his job in Law Enforcement, he would miss the miss the opening morning of the Pennsylvania archery season, but he'd be in the woods that afternoon.

Jake had borrowed his father in laws climbing stand to use in the elm he had picked out about a 1/2 mile from his home. All Jake's previous hunts hunting had been from a ladderstands, but this particular hunting spot called for a climber. Jake had identified a well used trail leading to a secluded bedding area in the woods to a field of standing corn where the deer were feeding.

About 3 P.M. Jake loaded his bow, arrows and the borrowed stand. he also wisely carried a full body safety harness. After jake had climbed about 20 feet up a tree, something went wrong. Somehow, and no one knows exactly how, the foot platform of the stand became detached. Jake's life was saved because his safety harness kept him from from falling to the ground unfortunately, jake wasn't thoughly familiar with his harness and he didn't have a clue about what to do to be comfortable while hanging in his harness.

At some point, Jake couldn't stand the pain any longer. The pressure on his crotch made him want him to escape as soon as possible. Fortunately for Jake, his feet were only about 6/7 feet above the ground, and he decided that a fall from this height was better than hanging any longer. He decided to release his harness and take his chances on falling to the leaves and soft earth beneath.

Unfortunately for Jake, he forgot there was half inch wide strap that kept the harness shoulder strap in place. That narrow strap wasn't hard to overlook, because hanging in a harness causes everything to shift head-ward. That little piece of string nylon had shifted up under his chin and was likely impossible to see. That little strap caught him right across the throat.

In a few seconds, Jake was dead, strangled by his safety harness. he left behind a young widow, two small children, and every future deer sesaon.

How well do you know your safety equipment? If you were in the same place as Jake, would you know how to get out of this painful perdicment?

Theres more to the Story in the Magazine Sept issue of 2009

Would everyone please take the time to check your equipment, go over it, practice with it. dont put yourself in the same Perdicment. Please!!!!!

Rest in Peace TIM / Jake, I miss you my friend

This Trooper i worked with, and the last words between Tim and I were that we each were going to win the Buck Pool that we had with some others. Well we boththat year, I actually did win the buck pool that year but the money was donated to his family. So he won it

Everything about this story is the same except the names it has to be be about Tim

Tim left this place and is in heaven, someday we will meet again. miss you buddy!!

Tim died Oct 05 2002 the first day of archery season that year.

Sorry for the long post its worth it!!!!!

i think so,