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Default Vid of a 15 pointer

Well I finally got out this evening to do some glassing/videoing of a property Ive stayed out of all year, no trail cams, only been glassing 2 times. Sorry he was 250 yards away so it not real clear but clear enough to know hes a shooter. The vid is a mainframe 10 pt with dual split brows, and a big kicker off the right driver side. No clue on the score. Believe it or not my buddy was only 100 yards from me glassing another field to my back, and has 30 minutes of a bigger buck thats a 16 pt with several other nice bucks. I'll get the footage and post here in the next few days. Been getting some decent trail cam pics on another property, 1 pretty big 7pt I would probably shoot if he came by. Ive let him go 2 years in a row as a big 6 pt, but it doesnt look like hes going to develope into anything much more. He did grow another little point this year but Im guessing hes at least a 4.5 year old, I have pics of him the past 2 previous season.

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