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Take a sharp knife, your gonna need it. You will see plenty of deer. Slip in , slip out , set up more than one stand so you can play the wind. Don't shoot a baby , a big one will be along. As some one above said, the river acts like a travel path. Depends on the location but the terrain can be wider than 100 yds considerbly. Oberservation stand where you can see good might be in order before you get in too close. Slip along the river and look for crossings. Water don't stop them at all. Deer in that country don't have a problem useing bare ground to travel in. They do like ditches and ravines to travel to food scorces. Go in november if you can. Take plenty of warm clothes. Sometimes you need them. Hedge rows can pay off big time. Hunt the does in Nov. Rut is about nov 15th plus or minus. Those deer call real well. Good luck
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