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For bow hunting, a range finder should be the last thing on your list. If you need something to tell you the distance, it's too far! :P

As far as the other stuff you're looking at, Under Armor is always great stuff. I seem to think opposite from you, though, when it comes to the layering of it. I like the lightweight scent-lock stuff as the base layer and then wear a camo outfit that is weather-appropriate. Heavy stuff if it's cold, lighter stuff if it's warm. Archery season is always tough to judge since it can be anywhere from 60 degrees to 30 degrees here!

As was already said, faded camo isn't bad unless the location you're hunting is unnaturally green or something during autumn. Where are you located, by the way? I'm a huge fan of Realtree AP Grey, it blends beautifully into our forests here in central PA, and it's a "faded" sort of color.

Oh, and since you're outfitting yourself with new gear for archery season... I've got plenty of Bow Watches in stock! :-P
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