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wow.... sounds like you need a lot of stuff. But i know the feeling, i have a ton of crap but every year no matter what i buy more crap.

Rangefinder/Binos- Id go with Nikon or Busnell products for both, there cheaper and just as effective as the higher end stuff for basic deer hunting. I like the Nikon 550 rangefinder, i have a Leupold RXII myself and think its over priced junk. Also my Leupold Binos suck too. The high end stuff is great if you are using it for long range hunting in adverse conditions, if your are buy the Leica rangefinders, it works well in snow where other rangefinders dont, trust me i know this first hand. And Zeiss Binos, but now your looking at droping alot of dough.

Camo- faded camo is not always bad. works better sometimes. As the researchers are finding out open and lighter patterns seem to be the ticket. I like the new Optifade, NatGear, Realtree AP and Outfitter Camo by Cabelas. Just my opinion though.

Fleece is always good, so is wool. I like windstopper products as well. Anything with that stuff in it will help keep you warm.

Summits are great

Long bow arms that hold your bow are great, my theory the longer the better, and its nicer if it has more joints in it to move it around.

Pine ridge makes a little device that holds your quiver to the tree, just bought one, seems to work ok, i have T5 quiver so its not perfect.
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