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Pete D.
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Practice will get you to more places than Carnegie Hall.
Shoot and then shoot some more. There is no substitute for rounds downrange - if those rounds are "thoughtful".
IMHO - the only purposes for "the bench" are the testing of cartridges that are new to your rifle and sighting in.
For the purposes of becoming a better hunting shot, you should spend the majority of you time shooting from field expedient positions: standing, sitting, kneeling, from a hiking staff, from cross sticks, leaning against a tree or a branch (kinda hard to do at the range), shooting braced on the shoulder of a willing hunting partner ( a friend of mine took a doe across a hay field last Fall resting the rifle on her husband's shoulder.).
Another worthwhile way to spend time and become better at shooting game is to study the anatomy of what you are hunting - and study it from a variety of angles. Where exactly is the heart or spine or shoulder, etc. when the animal is quartering away? Moving directly at you?
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