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Default Is it just me, or is this thing a tad pricy at 200.00?

Ground Blind AccessoriesBy: Tracy Breen

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With the popularity of ground blinds on the rise, a number of new ground blind accessories have appeared on the market almost as fast as the blinds. Below are a few must-have ground blind accessories.

There are lots of chair options for ground blind hunters. There are lightweight fold-up chairs, lawn chairs, and my favorite…if I want a sore back - the five gallon bucket. There is now a new chair that was designed by Huntmore Products called the 360º Hunting Stool. The stool is compact, folds up and slips into a pack that can be carried over the shoulder. At eight pounds, the stool is slightly heavier than most chairs, but the added benefits of the stool outweigh being a little heavy.
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