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I've been getting in shape too, but not just for deer season. I started training for a race this spring and dropped 20 pounds. After the race I kept it up and even beefed up my core body and free weight workouts. I'm on a 3-day rotation now. Yesterday I rocked my upper body with about an hour and a half on my home weight bench. This morning before work I ran 5 miles. Tomorrow before work I'll do 300 situps as part of my core bodyroutine. Some days I supplement that with some laps in our community pool. I'm also eating pretty good. There will be plenty of room in my coveralls this fall. The Mrs. is pleased with the results.
Swimming is the best cardio exercise there is. Especially if you're swimming laps using bilateral breathing over rythmic. It teaches your body to better utilize oxygen. The best is what you're doing. Combining it with weights and running. Maybe throw a little cycling in there and you'll have an outstanding cardio routine.
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