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Default RE: fixed blade broadheads in a crossbow?

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I have been using mechanical broadheads in my crossbow, but last year i had a bad experience on a quartering away shot. I have always had good luck with mechanicals but I am wanting to try a fixed blade and I am thinking about trying the slick trick 100gr 1" broadhead. From what I have read you just screw them on and they are on the money. Anybody tried them in a crossbow? Or is there another head I need to try?

Hey dude, it's me again. I'd like to give you some info based on my 35+ years of experience. I've not used the Slick Tricks, but I have looked at them and like the way they are designed; especially how the blades lock into the ferrule. There are many good heads that would work with your crossbow, however none can guarantee that you just screw them on and you're ready to go. They all have to aligned with the shaft of the BOLT so that they are as straight as possible. If they wobble the slightest bit then the blades will catch air and the bolt will plane off course. Anybody or any ad that would tell you otherwise is just blowing smoke.

So no matter which broadheads you ultimately choose be sure and align them well with the bolt.
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