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Default RE: Trail Camera Questions

When you say what is the best trail cam, It would have to be reconyx or buckeye. But since your price range is 100-200 we can count that out. These cams are expensive. Great, but expensive. Flash shouldnt scare whitetails away. But you never know. I see countless flash pics of that. The cuddeback capture with flash gets overall good reviews from customers but not the IR model.

As for the bear safe or security box, it is not theft proof as nothing really is. It just makes it harder on the thieft to steal. More work. If you can lag bolt it to a tree and lock it up with a cable or chain lock, that is pretty much as far as you can go. That and placement for hiding it. For that, its better to go with a small cam.
In that category, a scout guard or trophy cam would be a good choice. (IR). The cams listed puts you in your price range.
For IR cams, I like to place it just above eye level slightly angled downward. That avoids the straight line of view to the IR leds. Once you angle up, down, left or right, the glow goes away.......

Hope this helps.........

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