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Default Trail Camera Questions

Alright I am looking to buy at least one but hopefully 2 or 3 trail cams. I used to have 2 stealth cams that I used in Oregon but whenever a deer or elk came by my camera at night the flash scared them(blacktails are very skiddish) and I never saw whatever came by at night ever again. With that being said everything that came by during day always showed up numerous times.

So my questions are what is the best trail cam on the market?
Does the flash (non infared)on cheap cameras scare whitetails away? ( im in mississippi now not in oregon)
And also will a bear safe stop a human from stealing my camera because one of my stealth cams ended up getting stolen right off my tree?

any help would be greatly appreciated. I am really looking in the 100 to 200 dollar range for a good cam.
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