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Jerky is done..... sharing is a problem. I started with 13 lbs and got 7 back. I'm giving some to my ex wife, the new Girlfriends family and to the guys at work...... not to mention hunting buddies. Thats leaves me with what I ate tonight......[:@].
Need less to say I'm starting a new batch as we speak. This one will be bigger. I have a camping trip planned with the new girlfriend and her friends. Need about 5 lbs for then. There goes a whole mess of deer meat. I'm also changing my recipe a bit too. I think it needs more salt and sugar...... more spice forthe spicey batch to boot. I'll post my recipe's in the near future. Once they are tweaked to perfection. Maybe I'll do a step by step tutorial/pictorial for those that want it. Anyone interested?
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