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When they're jumpy, just about anything will get them in the air. You just have to find the schools of them.

From our observations.... a 2 stroke motor works better thana four stroke. Aluminum hulls work better than 'glass or plastic hulls. Still we were able to get them to jump with a four stroke motor on our plastic pontooned boat.

We would zigzag along the shore line until we'd see some silver jumping. If they're jumping way behind the boat, slow down. If they're just leaving wakes in front of the boat, speed up. We tried to get them jumping beside the boat.

We could really get them going if we flanked a barge heading up the river. (they'd swim away from the barge and then jump when they got near our boat)

There are a lot of chunks of cement and logs to watch out for. Bring a spare prop. []
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