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Like water off a ducks back...... no problem. I don't take to bickering much on these sites. If ya don't like move along. If I get a bad post on a thread I start. So be it. Comes with the game.
I'm calling conservation just so that they know that there is a problem in the area. Its farm land with very few houses and the deer stay in one area for the most part. There is house across the small river(that has the feeder) and thats where I hear the shots coming from all day when I'm hunting. First off its illegal to shoot big game with rimfires and second off its a no firearm zone..... ie bow hunting only. Toss the feeder and the rimfire in and they've got problems. Will they do anything about it...... who knows. But I've done my part

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sandilands, I was out late and could not sleep, took a sleeping to sleep, must of been a little strong I want to apologize you. Thonly dumb ass I se in this
thread is myself. sorry
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