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First off, let me say that I am all about supporting local Pro shops. There was a shop in New Haven, Indiana that was in business for years and years until a few years ago when it had to close. I was a loyal customer there for about 20 years. I bought just about everything there. The only stuff I didn't buy was stuff he didn't have. Well around 2001or 2002, the owner died. His wife kept the store for a while, and I was gonna buy it. It ended up that another guy also wanted it. He had the cash from selling another business he owned, and I was gonna have to get some financing. So naturally she took the cash. Well he had it for about 4 or 5 years, and I was still a loyal customer. Unfortunately due to his wifes health problems and his need for insurance, he had to close up shop and go back to the workforce. Now I can do just about everything on my bow, but I don't have a press and when it is time to change strings and cables I head to the shop. All I need them to do is put them on, let me take about 30 shots to settle it in andthen give it a few twists so it is set to specs. My Pro shop used to charge me $5, but I always just gave him $10.00. Anyhow, there is a shop that opened a few years ago close to me, so I have been going there to get some stuff. He is a Mathews dealer amd I shoot Mathews so it is good to have him that close to me.I do buy quite a bit from him, and shoot the Dart system and his indoor range some. Well, it is time for me to change my strings and cables. I called there today to see what day would be best for him since I am off this week. I told him that I havea setcustom strings and cables ( gift from my hunting buddy for doing some work for him). I told him all I needed was for him to put them on, let me shoot a few times and then do a few twists to be sure it is all set up, and I would take care of loop and tying in the peep and all ( I was buying the new peep from him). I figured $10-15 at the most. Then he tells me $30.00!! I could see if I was never in there and never buy stuff. But I am a pretty regular customer and have actually sent 3 different peopld to him that have bought new bows in the past year. That just seems like a bit much for me. I know that I have had other guys complain that his prices are way too high, but like I said, I want to support the shops. I called the local gander mtn, and they said $10. But then I found out that the only tech there that I trust doesn't work there anymore, so I scratched them off the list. Well, I called another Mathews dealer that is about 5 more miles farther from me thanthe shop that I have been going to is ( one is south of me and one is North), and told him what I needed. He said bring it in, I'll do it for $8. So , tommorrow I am heading there. I am also gonna buy another Little Bitty Goose release while I am there ( and use my other one as a back up) , so the other guy lost out on that sale of the releasealso. I can see maybe a few bucks difference, but for $22 I don't mindtrying to the other place.
Like I said, I have always tried to support thepro shops over the big catalog stores. I have never minded spending a couple bucks more, But hey, my money is my money and I also have to look out for myself, especially these days. I just think that $30 just to put the string and cable on is a bit much, especially whenI am doing all the final set up myself.Maybe in your areas that isn't that bad. What do you guys think? Does that seem a little steepto you.

If all you want him to do is slap it on and wish you the best of luck.... then in our shop its a $12.50 press fee... at least it is supposed to be... if you hand me $10 cash and buying just about anything else then I'll shake your hand and ask you to come back anytime.

But for customers who buy string/cables from us and have us install them.... its $30.... and that includes EVERYTHING..... from retiming and tuning to reserving for STS's and retying peeps and spending time with the customer getting re-tuned. For customer supplied stuff.... its $50 if the bow wasn't purchased from us.... and usually between $30-40 if it was, depending on what all is involved. Again, since you are basically doing it all yourself.... yeah, I'd say $30 is on the high side for a press fee.

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