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Default RE: Contest trash talk

mouthcaller, that happens in every contest on here, including the deer hunting contest, predator contests, etc. I think some guys KNOW that they won't hardly have a chance to hunt, BUT they want to be involved and feel included. It's just human nature that some people feel left out if their name isn't in the hat with everyone else's. And some of them probably have good reasons that they don't get to hunt, because let's face it, life can throw us a curve ball at any time that can change our prioritys. Loss of a job, a death in the family, unexpected bills, health issues, etc. For some of us, none of those things would keep us out of the woods, BUT for some people, it would. That's why these contests are "for fun" only.

Oh, almost forgot....................CATCH US IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!! Time's a running out!!
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