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Default RE: Forage Soybeans

Orders have been sent out...thanks to all that have placed one!

gjs4...Large Lad has 1 forage soybean geared towards height growth (up to 7 feet tall)
...Big Fellow has 1 forage soybean that has been produced to grow a larger leaf area with the highest potential amount of overall biomass of all the beans
...Wildlife Manager's Mix has the Large Lad soybean with a vining soybean called 'Whitetail Thicket' and 2 earlier-maturing beans as well so that some seed sets...the mix of the 'Large Lad' is good because it provides something for the Whitetail Thicket bean to climb up on.

...right now though all I have available is the Wildlife Manager's Mix though or I'd get into all of them. When I have a few more minutes, I'll let you know aboutthe other mixes as well...thanks for asking!
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