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Default RE: qdm=loss of hunting skills?

vt; when you talk about losing skills what skills are you refering to? Don' t take it that I' m trying to throw you back into the bullpit, but I believe that the hunting skills of the modern bowhunter are superior to the rifle hunter of say 50 years ago. Skills are hard to define, are they knowledge, common sense, or that sixth sense that some people have when it comes to locating deer?

How would you rate the different hunting forms for skill:
- hunting from a stand in a game farm (rifle)
- driving with dogs
- driving with people
- baiting
- tree or ground stand hunting in a natural area (rifle)
- tree or ground stand hunting in a natural area (bow)
- stalking/still hunting

I couldn' t even conceive how poor my success rate would be stalking in a natural area with a bow, but it might end up being the most satisfying. Take away cover scents and camo and the main skills are your movement and your location while keeping the sun to your back and the wind in your face.

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