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Default RE: Call me crazy

It sounds to me as though the Club is based on NAHRA (North American Hunting Retriever Association) scenarios. I ran NAHRA for a couple years in the past, but now I mainly run Casey in UKC/HRC. In HRC, there are no ' out in the field' attention getters for the dog. In HRC, the birds are launched and the dog must mark off the barrel of the gun, and YOU are shooting (poppers) from the line.
Much more like real hunting than the scenario you describe (or the scenarios in NAHRA). Although there are times when hunting that there may be two or more blinds, and that' s where remote attention getters and gunners that aren' t in your blind can occur.

As far as them saying, " Why the hell not" --- You would find that if you run your dog in Tests, that it' s the very best way to see where your training is lacking and what you need to be working on in order to have a top notch hunting dog.

I hunt my dog over 5 months a year --- He also gets to run in Tests over 5 months a year. By doing this, in his mind, he " gets to hunt" 11 months a year.
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