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Default turkeys in the rain

i went out the past three days turkey hunting, and got my first turkey a jake 14 pounds it has been a wild three days toms and hens everywhere. just nothing close enough for a shot other than the jake. i had a hen come up to me yelping like crazy, i thought it was another hunter calling but it wasnt the hen came right to my decoys and stayed around for 10 to 15 minutes. anyways im back to work thinking about taking friday off but there saying rain. what is everybodies input on turkeys in the rain? i here people say they love the rain and love the fields when its a light rain, is this true? do they stay in different areas when its raining light or heavy, like in hemlocks or do you still find them in wide open oaks? thanks for any input i just dont want to take a day off if they dont move much in the rain. im really hooked on turkey hunting its awesome out there listening to them and seeing them.
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