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Default RE: EAB dead in Wisconsin for 2009!!

EAB dead for good? I highly doubt it unless of course that the hunters can show that they are willing to harvest doe at a 1:1, 2:1 ratio of bucks, which they won't. Buck harvest next year will be higher statewide than doe harvest. 1 1/2 year old bucks will make up the majority of that. Too many"BigBuck Hunters"without the self control and foresight to helpthemselves or others.
Our deer herd is much more balanced than it has been since the 60's. I hope you landowners can put in place some regulations to help keep it that way. It might create some sourpusses to say "Hey joe, you shot a nice buck last year, this year we need you to shoot a doe", but it is what should happen. I feel sorry for public land hunters. They will have a banner year this year on bucks, but not much after that... Good luck everyone. Keep your wits.
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