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Default RE: Team #7 "Strut Stoppers"

I was able to get out for a few hours this morning. No kill to report here but a good morning anyways.

The birds were really fired up before I even got in my blind. They were all around just not any very close and with my limited time I knew it was going to be tough to make a move. Once I figured I wasn't going to get one to come in to my setup I made a move to a lower field where there was a bird gobbling on the hill.

Once I got down there I never did see the gobbler but was able to see the hen he was working with. I quickly made another move to another field where most the birds were located that morning. Once I got in the area they shut up and never spoke another word.

Figured it was getting time for me to head into work so I took out. I was hugging the woodline as I came around a point and saw a tom strutting along an old farm road....and then another tom right behind him. I quickly got the decoy set out and was making me a nice little place to sit where I would be able to draw and a hen busted me.....and along with her went the other 2 birds.

As I was getting in my truck at 8:30 I could still hear some birds going at it. A strikeout for me this year but a blast anyways. Looks like I was just about a season to late as the birds are really starting to break from the hens now. I am going to try to follow my cousin around on my days off and see if I can't get one of his birds down on film this next season.
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