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Default RE: EAB dead in Wisconsin for 2009!!

I don't know if the question was raised before, but at our conservation congress meeting, the question was asked; How many of the fawns taken last year during T-Zone, EAB, were buck fawns?
The answer was, 45%. Now, does EAB help the deer herd? Your answer to the 15:1 smart a$$ remark Handles lies somewhere in this answer by a biologist for the DNR. There have been guy's who say, I never shoot BB's, however alot of them bit the dust last year. Clear proof that EAB & T-zone Don't work. BB's need to grow up for there to be Big Bucks. And another thing that sticks in my craw is the AG tag program where does,bucks(w-out horns) and many fawns yet to be born are shot from Feb. thru sept. This also needs to be addressed.
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