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Default RE: Team #7 "Strut Stoppers"

To sum up my weekend.....SLOW

Got in the blind earlySaturday and had the first gobble at5:40.After that about 4 more spoke up on the other side of the property.We tried calling them but they are so many hens still with them that it was difficult to get a reply. Finally got one fired up and made a move on him. After the long walk we could hear him in the field below us. Well once we got down to where we could of kind of get set up and see out there...all we saw was a coyote...never got another bird to answer the rest of the morning.

This morning with rain expected to move in about 10:30 we changed the game plan because we knew we were short on time and tried to get in on the field where that bird had been yesterday. As soon as dawn broke we heard the first gobble up on the hill to the east. We continued to hear this bird walk to the ridge above us, however there was no way we were going to call him away fromthe hens he was with. I had a chance to stick a bearded hen, but chose to let her go on by as it was still early. We made a move up to the top of the ridge where we had heard that bird earlier and only saw a jake on the far end, however he spotted us before we saw him.

Our only option left was about 3 lower green fields connected by thin stips of woods and a bigger field on above them. We decieded to take up on the big field and we soon had a bird answer us. We had him going pretty good and then a hen spoke up in one of the bottom fields and he shut up. Never got him to respond again. So we take out to another field and we have a bird respond to us immediatly but 2 gobbles and not another word. About that time the rain started coming down pretty good so we had to call it a morning.

There is a slight chance i might be able to make it out Wednesday morning one last time.

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