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Default RE: qdm=loss of hunting skills?

I cannot comment on the baiting issue - but would like to comment on the food plot section of your hypothetical.

Personally, I think you have a rather narrow concept of what constitutes a food plot, its use(s) and the methods employed in hunting in conjunction with one or several plots.

The 180 acres my small hunting group manages is old farm land that has not been active for some time. While maybe 75% of it is " wooded" - its a far cry from " the big woods" and never would be due to agricultural and timber management in the area. So our options are to let the remaining fields go to woods - or to keep the fields open. We' ve decided on the feild route - and actively plant/mow about 20 acres in different food types that benefit all wildlife on the " farm" .

OK - now you know my story in a nutshell. I personally have NEVER taken a deer on a food plot - I' ve hunted on them a few times no doubt - but have learned that the odds of actually harvesting a deer, especially a better than average one are better off the plots, - learn how the deer relate to the plots ,and capitalize on their weak spots away from the bedding and feed areas (not a whole lot different than hunting in the big woods). You seem to assume that have a food plot is like shopping for meat at the supermarket - I very much disagree.

Do Food plots take away from the hunting experience??? I' d say its quite the contrary - the more time and effort one puts in on the land, the more one appreciates the deer and the wildlife in general.

I think your point goes more towards " are food plots artificial" and I' d respond that, now your down to splitting hairs. For instance, Hunting farmland or rural property nearby farmed land - is probably what whitetail deer hunting IS in 75% of the country. Food plots are only an extension of current agriculture practice - and is actually more " normal" than the alternative in most areas.

On the chance that your concept of a food plot is some magic seed thrown down around a treestand, back in the woods someplace - I' d say that GENERALLY most of us are not interested in planting little " dessert" plots for to attract deer in hunting season. Food plots, planted as most of us do on this board, is a 365 day/year prospect - and an extension of the hunting experience. Its a way to involve family, friends, hunters and non-hunters alike.

I have no beef with you, you are entiled to your opinion. I simply cannot make the leap: Food plots :: loss of hunting skills as ?????? - I don' t get it.
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