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Default RE: What would your strategy be?

Is what I would do and if you can Scout and be where the Turkeys wanna be - I sat a field edge my opening in TN and it rained most the day - could have shot a jake.

In GA one morning we had lightning - bad - so we sat in the truck and just as soon as that light show had passed and I knew it was over - I left the truck and headed to my blind - that morning it was to quit raining. I got to the blind at 6:15 and sat till little after 8:00 am before I even made one call - but when the rain stopped and I touched my call the second time - the woods came alive!

Called in about 10 Jakes - to which I let go - did have one drummin and spitin at me but he never entered the front of my blind - so he won!

Was really cool!

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