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Default RE: UPS brought me Black Death today

ORIGINAL: Cougar Mag

Very nice looking bow Jeff. I remember the Warthog Magnum I owned for a few years way back when. A real screamer at the time, but with plenty of handshock. Amazing how much that is reduced with today's designs and technology. Martin looks like its seriously returning to form with some good hunting bows for '09. I have always like their grips better than most others. I look forward to reading more from you after shooting this bow for a while.
Thanks Greg- Yes this is a FAR cry from the original Warthogs

I was really disappointed with my last 2 Martins- In the mid to late 90s I had several and my 1997 Rage XRG w/ Z cams is one of top all time fave bows- that SOB just shot itself despite the 5 7/8" brace. Then they went to crap for sev years. I had a little shorty Panther Mag with fusion cam that wa actually a good shooter, but loud, slow and lots of recoil, but my Cougar III and Razor X SE...ugh..I had more problems with those two.

This Warthog seems like it may do the same thing as that 97 Rage XRG- it holds super steady like the Admiral does- total control of the shot sequence-I'm not fighting it at all like I did the AM35.

Also thanks to Dan @ MeanV for getting me hooked up with the LD solid limb adpater, new cord, and the new launcher in super fast fashion. This LD is a fantastic rest. a "no brainer" if you will.

Now who wants to make suggestions for custom color string/cables? so far I'm thinking

FLO Green/Black
FLO Green/Flo Orange (like the new Bear bows)
Flo Orange/Black

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